Monday, March 19, 2018

Pogo Stick Express To Texas

Rio Concho Towers, San Angelo, TX – March 19, 2018

Tupelo to San Angelo 2018

Our last post left off with us bouncing down the road on our way to Texas. It was so bad with the new Motion Control Units (MCUs) that we were begining to doubt if the Phaeton was the motorhome we wanted to continue traveling in. EJ was emphatic when she said “No way I’m going to Alaska in this motorhome”.

We were so disappointed because when we installed MCUs on our previous motorhome the improvement in ride was amazing. On the Phaeton I was convinced I had made a huge mistake.

What are MCUs you ask? They are air flow restrictors that are placed in the air line between the air tank and the air bag suspension on all 4 corners of the motorhome. Their purpose is to reduce side to side rocking motion caused by things like semi trucks passing you and going over driveway dips at an angle. This is sometimes called the “Walmart Wobble”.

Super Steer MCU

When you cross over a driveway dip at an angle the motorhome leans to one side then violently leans in the opposite direction. This has been know to cause cabinet doors to fly open spewing contents all over the floor. This generally results in a very unhappy co-pilot/navigator.

When we had the MCUs installed on the Itasca, it totally eliminated the side to side rocking motion. In no way did it affect any other aspect of suspension reaction.

On the Phaeton,while it did suppress the “Walmart Wobble” it also violently accentuated every dip in the road. Riding in the Phaeton was now like bouncing on a Pogo Stick!


However, Dad was expecting us in San Angelo, so we pressed on.

Due to lot’s of rain in the area quite a few of the low lying areas were flooded.

Mississippi Flooding

Mississippi Flooding (2)

As faithful readers know, we really try to avoid interstates and enjoy cruising the back roads of America. This leg was no different. We overnighted at the Walmart in Tupelo, MS; Harlow’s Casino in Greenville, MS; the RV corral in Queen City, TX; Walmart in Mexia, TX; Faunt Le Roy in Gatesville, TX and finally the Rio Conch Manor parking lot in San Angelo, TX.

We had intended to stay at a Corp of Engineer’s Park near Queen City, but it was closed due to flooding. And in Mexia we raced to the Walmart barely outrunning a severe thunderstorm. So along with the bouncing the trip was not without it’s excitement.

And in Gatesville at Faunt Le Roy Park our campsite had neighbors right across the fence. But at $20 a night for full hook ups who’s to complain?

Faunt Le Roy Park

The next day, before we begin to make preparations to leave for San Angelo, Gabby greets the early morning.

Early morning Gabby

See you in San Angelo, where we continue the MCU story.

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