Sunday, March 30, 2014

First night on the road–Alaska 2014

Pooler, GA – March 30, 2014

Why is it, when you know your departure date 6 weeks in advance, you’re still scrambling to get everything done on the last day? Yep, that was us.

But we persevered and got everything done that needed to be done, just not everything we wanted to get done. We wonder if we’ll ever get better at this.

We got away at 5:10 PM, much later than we had hoped. But we have a deadline in Gaffney, SC on April 1st, so we must make tracks. We made it to Camp Walmart in Pooler, GA and there must be about 20 other RVs here.

Camp Walmart Pooler GA 3-30-14

We had settled in for the evening when another RV pulled in right beside us and started their generator. We figured they were just cooking supper and would turn it off eventually. But after an hour the generator was still droning on and on. It’s cool enough that AC is not required, so they were just drowning out the parking lot noise by adding their own noise to it.

EJ wanted me to go over and ask them if they were ever going to turn it off. But after a little discussion we decided to exercise one of the advantages to having a house on wheels. We moved to a more quiet (marginally) location. Having left our rude neighbors, we decided to pack it in for the evening.