Monday, May 30, 2011

Departure – Imminent!

Any day now we’ll be leaving.  Big Guy is ready. The remodel is done. Tire pressure is good.  Oil levels are OK.  Plenty of coolant.  Fuel tanks full. Now all we have to do is load the RV and close up the house. 

Here are some  pictures before the remodel.

DSC_1811 DSC_1812 DSC_1813 DSC_1815 DSC_1828

And here are some pictures after the remodel.P1040461P1040467

P1040458 P1040459   P1040470

The new layout has much more room even with the slide retracted.  We can entertain 6, have four for dinner, but it only sleeps two, just the way we like it.

Here is the anticipated route.  This is just an outline and will be modified on a random basis.  We’re easily side tracked.image

Friday, May 20, 2011

Now you see it, then you don’t!

In our last post we mentioned getting rid of the old crt TV set was the reason for Big Guys’ remodel.  It bugged me that the TV was mounted above the dashboard.  The only chair that faced that way was the recliner which then begged the question “who gets the recliner?”.  The couch was pointed at a 90 degree angle to the TV which meant severe neck cramps if you wanted to watch TV.  The other thing that bugged me about the old TV was that it hung down from the ceiling making a convenient target for my head

So, being an engineer, I wanted a more elegant solution.  Now you see it…P1040448Going, going.. 


Now you don’t….


That was fun!

We got started on the doors and drawer fronts today.  A couple more days and they should be ready to install.  Then we can get serious about loading our stuff and hitting the trail.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We haven’t even left on our summer trip yet and we’ve already blown the schedule.  “Big Guy” (so named because in comparison to our previous motorhome, “Roadie”, it is a lot bigger) has been having a major refit to its interior.  It’s hard to say what precipitated the redo, but I think it started with replacing to the old crt TV with a LED flat screen and morphed into a new reclining loveseat, new flooring, and new cabinetry.  That coupled with my inability to predict how long any particular phase will take has made a  mockery of our initial departure date.  For our friends and neighbors that carve departure and arrival dates in stone, this is driving them nuts.  “You said you were leaving on the 15th.  Why are you still here?”



The counter top should be installed tomorrow.  I still have to figure out how to attach the floating counter piece to the hidden TV.  Then it’ll be on to building drawer fronts and cabinet doors.

Along with all this, we’re trying to get wills and Durable Power of Attorneys written in case things go awry this summer.  We’ve put his off for years now, but it’s time to put it to rest.  It’s easy to say “Hey we’ll be dead, it won’t be our problem!” but that’s not fair to the friends and family members that will survive us.  This, too, should be wrapped up in the next few days.

As for the schedule, who knows?  Maybe next week sometime we’ll actually be on the road again.